Wood County Sheriff’s Report

Posted 11/4/21

October 20

Deputy Linda Williams responded to Tejas for an assault. The party stated she was assaulted when the suspect pushed her. Corey Ian Hollandsworth, 26, of Tyler was arrested for assault …

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Wood County Sheriff’s Report


October 20

Deputy Linda Williams responded to Tejas for an assault. The party stated she was assaulted when the suspect pushed her. Corey Ian Hollandsworth, 26, of Tyler was arrested for assault by contact family/household member/dating relationship.

Deputy Brad Cox went to FM 49 for a suspicious circumstance. The party stated he owns property that backs up to Holly Lake Ranch. He has cameras set up around the property. While checking the property, he saw a man on the camera walking his dog while naked. The party said he wanted to pursue charges. The report was forwarded to the Criminal Investigation Division (CID).

October 21

Deputy Matthew Cooper took a burglary report on FM 778. The party stated they arrived at the location to put items in their storage building when they noticed the lock was missing as well as several other items. Cooper checked the area for security cameras. He will be conducting follow-up.

Deputy Williams had a request to speak in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office. The party wanted to file an incident report of possible identity theft for future reference.

Deputy Williams spoke with an individual regarding criminal trespass. The party stated a neighbor moved in a few years ago, and they have had a dispute over property lines ever since. The party stated the neighbor recently cut down his fence and put up a new one some distance onto his property from the property line. A criminal trespass warning was issued against the neighbor.

Deputy Cooper was dispatched to CR 1941 for a disturbance. The party stated his girlfriend became upset that he left without telling her. She then assaulted him. The girlfriend had left the scene. Deputy Cole Hudson located the girlfriend driving down the road and conducted a traffic stop. The girlfriend stated she was assaulted by her boyfriend and was on her way to the hospital for treatment. Due to conflicting stories, a lack of evidence or witnesses and the fact the subjects were separated for the night, no arrest was made. The case will be forwarded to CID.

Deputy Jim Rapp responded to CR 2427 for an assault after the fact. He spoke with both parties, who gave similar accounts of the incident. The actor advised he may have hit the victim when he was pushing her. Kristopher Adam West, 40, of Mineola was arrested for assault causes bodily injury - family violence.

Deputy Jim Rapp took an animal complaint on CR 2745. The party stated she was checking her mail when two of the neighbor’s dogs came after her aggressively. Another neighbor yelled at the dogs and they stopped. Rapp spoke with the owner of the dogs. She advised she would have a fence up, but there were civil issues with property lines that were preventing her doing so.

October 22

Deputy Hudson had an inquest on FM 582. EMS, the funeral home and the justice of the peace were contacted.

Deputy Cooper was dispatched to CR 1970 for a one-vehicle accident. After investigating the crash, Christopher Lee Ussery, 43, of Alba was arrested for driving while intoxicated – third or more.

Deputy Cooper spoke with an individual on PR 5860 regarding damage to the party’s vehicle. The party told Cooper that his airbag indicator light came on after going over a very large speed bump that was put in the roadway by a resident. The party said this is not the first time the person has put in speed bumps.  While Cooper was on the scene, two females stopped to talk to him. One advised she had an open report with the sheriff’s office regarding an assault. She claimed the man who put in the speed bumps assaulted her when she stopped to talk to him. Because of this, the man was issued a Class C citation for simple assault.

Sgt. Jaclyn Skinner responded to Hwy. 154 for a disturbance. Both parties spoke with Sgt. Skinner and stated they had been drinking when a disturbance started. The disturbance escalated into a physical altercation. Neither party wished to press charges, and due to conflicting stories regarding to the assault, one of the parties made arrangements to leave the location.

Deputy Andrew Morrison spoke with an individual regarding a theft. The party stated he was doing some work on a residence and believed one of his employees had stolen items from the residence. Due to the owner not being on scene at the time, he wished to criminally trespass the individual from the location. Burglary charges could come at a later date.

October 23

Sgt. Austin Milbourn and Deputy Jonah Croney received a call from dispatch in regard to a terroristic threat in progress. No assault occurred and due to both parties being intoxicated, one of the subjects was given a ride to a location to wait for someone to pick him up. The other party was told to go inside the residence.

Deputy Andrew Rapp was dispatched to Jarvis Christian College for an assault. When he arrived, he saw the victim in the back of an ambulance receiving treatment. The victim told Rapp that she had a disagreement with another student on campus. That student then assaulted her. Since the suspect was no longer on scene, a report will be forwarded to CID.

Sgt. Milbourn and Deputy Croney responded to CR 3639 for a disturbance in progress. They found all parties on scene to be extremely intoxicated. Two of the individuals were transported by EMS to the emergency room due to their intoxication level. Kenneth Lee Mortell, 29, of Hawkins, was arrested for purchase of alcohol for a minor/furnishing alcohol to a minor.

October 24

Deputy Andrew Morrison took a call on PR 6125 regarding a burglary of a building. The party stated they were at the location to put property into storage for their mother. Morrison advised he would need a complete list of all missing items. The report will be forwarded to CID.

Deputy Andrew Rapp spoke to an individual who reported her daughter as a runaway. She told Rapp her daughter packed a bag with clothing and toilet paper. She was able to give him information for possible locations. She was entered into the National Crime Information System as a runaway and a report was filed.

Deputy Morrison had a theft report on CR 2112. The party stated he had two bicycles stolen from his residence overnight. He does wish to pursue charges on the thefts.

Deputy Andrew Rapp spoke with a woman on Valleywood Trail who was having problems with her neighbor. Rapp let the security division of the housing association know the woman was requesting extra patrol in her area.

Deputy Cooper took a request to speak with an individual who wished to report a terroristic threat. The woman stated she and a coworker were receiving threats from another coworker. Cooper and Sgt. Smith attempted to make contact with the subject, but they were not home. The case will be forwarded to CID.

Deputy Cooper met with a victim of assault at the emergency room. The victim stated her boyfriend got mad at her and assaulted her. She had visible injuries to her face. The victim was unsure about pressing charges at the time but will contact the sheriff’s office at a later date if she decides to.

October 25

Deputy Jim Rapp spoke with an individual in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office. The individual stated they were receiving threatening phone calls and text messages from their ex. They advised they were unsure if the ex would follow through with some of the threats but wanted the information on file for future reference. The ex was criminally trespassed from the victim’s residence.

Deputy Linda Williams responded to an animal complaint on CR 4283. Williams observed dogs at the residence to be malnourished and unhealthy. Sgt. Heather Bailey and Sgt. Jeremy Ragsdale were advised of the situation so that further action could be taken.

Deputy Corbin Hanner went to the UT-Health Emergency Room for an inquest. The justice of the peace and funeral home were contacted.  

October 26

Deputy Williams was dispatched to FM 515 for a theft. She met with the party who stated he had property missing from his vehicle. A chainsaw was also stolen from the carport. He was able to give a possible suspect. The case will be forwarded to CID.

Deputy Jim Rapp met with a reporting party in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office. The party advised he was outside working when he heard a neighbor talking about having a problem with him. Other comments were made, which caused imminent fear for the reporting party.