Symphonic band presents Christmas concert


What happens when the band director orders Christmas music and then realizes that he selected music in alphabetical order? Well, you get every piece of music with Christmas in the title. So, come on over to Mineola’s beautiful Historic Select Theater and hear the Lake Country Symphonic Band’s Christmasy “Everything Christmas” concert.

The theater is located at 114 N. Johnson Street in Mineola. Concerts are Sunday, Dec. 17, at 2 p.m. and Tuesday evening, Dec. 19, at 7:30 p.m. Mike Holbrook is back in the director’s seat, so it’s sure to be a fun-filled couple of hours.

Selections include “A Celtic Christmas” composed by David Gorham, “A Christmas Celebration” composed by Kenny Bierschenk, “An American Christmas” arranged by Robert  W. Smith, “Christmas Lights” arranged by Chris Sharp, “Christmas Sketches” arranged by Sean O’Loughlin, “Tuba Christmas” arranged by Robert W. Smith, “A Christmas Carol” composed and directed by Kelly Bennette with narration by Dallas Wieher. Kelly will also direct “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and “Celtic Holy Night” arranged by Robert W. Smith. Wait…what? How did that get in there? Okay, so all but one has Christmas in the title. 

And be sure and check out Mike’s famous band director shoes. You never know if they will look silver or gold. Perfect for Christmas shoes, right? It probably depends on what he’s wearing, which is another story. Like the time he directed the band in a tyrannosaurus suit or had Santa piggyback or wore a kilt backwards. One just never knows with Mike.

All in all, it should be a very interesting and festive afternoon. Information about the concert can be found at the Historic Select Theater and Lake Country Playhouse website or by calling the theater at 903-569-2300.