Winners crowned at annual county junior livestock show


Brenley von Reyn of Quitman FFA won grand champion steer at the 2019 Wood County Junior Livestock Show hosted by Wood County 4-H at the Quitman ISD Ag Pavilion from April 4 to 6.

She was one of scores of students who brought their animals to Quitman to take part in the countywide show.

Other grand champion winners were: Avery von Reyn (Commercial Heifer) of Quitman FFA, Alexis O’Neal (Dairy Heifer) of Quitman FFA, Paislee Pendergrass (Swine) of Alba-Golden FFA, Lynli Dacus (Goat) of Hawkins FFA, Rylee Dunn (Lamb) of Hawkins FFA, Bree Allie Rolen (Broilers) of Alba-Golden FFA, Reiny Luman (Rabbits) of Wood County 4-H and Tanner Block (Desk) of Mineola FFA.

Reserve champion winners were: Allison Boyd (Steer) of Hawkins FFA, Kori Hammond (Commercial Heifer) of Wood County 4-H, Brooke Barrett (Dairy Heifer) of Yantis FFA, Brooke Lee (Swine) of Quitman FFA, Makenna Warren (Goat) of Hawkins FFA, Cole McKinney (Broilers) of Mineola FFA and Julia Kate Mitchell (Rabbits) of Winnsboro FFA.

Third place winners were: Tyler Ivy (Griddle) of Hawkins FFA, Jayden Alexander (Steer) of Winnsboro FFA, Arvy Wood (Commercial Heifer) of Alba-Golden FFA, Rhett Cox (Dairy Heifer) of Wood County 4-H, Josie Howard (Swine) of Hawkins FFA, Jordan Warren (Goat) of Hawkins FFA, Elijah Hearn (Lamb) of Quitman FFA, Ari Nivison (Broilers) of Alba-Golden FFA and Mackenzie Bergen (Rabbits) of Hawkins FFA.

Fourth place winners were: Josh Medlin (Charcoal Grill) of Quitman FFA, Marco Rubio (Steer) of Mineola FFA, Madison Driver (Commercial Heifer) of Winnsboro FFA, Maggie Hooker (Dairy Heifer) of Yantis FFA, Payton Oliver (Swine) of Alba-Golden FFA, Brody Warren (Goat) of Hawkins FFA, Kiara Brown (Lamb) of Hawkins FFA and Madellynn Smith (Rabbits) of Wood County 4-H.

Jayden Alexander also won steer junior showmanship and Allison Boyd won steer senior showmanship.

In swine, Laney Wilson of Hawkins FFA won junior showmanship and Jentri Jackson of Quitman FFA won senior showmanship.

In broilers, Kennedi Elmore of Mineola FFA won junior showmanship and Shara Dalton of Winnsboro FFA won senior showmanship.

In commercial heifers, Layton Stout of Winnsboro FFA won junior showmanship and Avry Wood won senior showmanship.

In dairy heifers, Ariel Smajstrla of Wood County 4-H won junior showmanship and Brooke Barrett won senior showmanship.

In goats, Daniel Kernes of Quitman FFA won junior showmanship and Lynli Dacus won senior showmanship.

In lambs, Rylee Dunn won junior showmanship and Elijah Hearn won senior showmanship.

In rabbits, Mia Backer of Wood County 4-H won junior showmanship and Ahneka Tullos of Wood County 4-H won senior showmanship.

In ag mechanics showmanship, Jaxon Love of Hawkins FFA won junior showmanship and Josh Medlin won senior showmanship.

Joisalyn Tarno of Quitman FFA won the top ad sales award and Kendall Davis of Quitman FFA reserve for their sales in the junior livestock show book.

Next year’s show will be hosted by Alba-Golden FFA at the Golden Sweet Potato Festival grounds.


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