Truck crashes Edward D. Jones office


No injuries were reported when a Dodge truck careened up the sidewalk and into the front of the Edward D. Jones office of Jason Ray Thursday shortly after 10 a.m.

Eighty-one-year-old Raymond Atkinson of Mineola did not appear injured at the scene and although checked out by EMS, did not want to be transported. While the business was open, fortunately everyone was in the back part of the office when the crash happened that sent shattered glass flying back past the receptionist’s counter.

Rob Elder who was northbound at the red light on Highway 69 turning left on Highway 80 witnessed the crash. “I’m watching this direction,” he said. “And he pulled into the parking space. Stopped just for a second and the next thing I know he like hammered it and went straight into the building. The back end of his truck bounced up and landed on the little white Cadillac right next to it.”

The pickup truck traveled up three short levels of sidewalk and stopped after ramming into the brick wall and front door of the business. It left black marks on the top layer of the sidewalk.

Elder, a Grand Saline business owner, stopped to check on the driver. “Super nice guy,” he said.

The Cadillac belongs to Sue Jones and she had just gotten it in May. She and other Landmark Commission members Jim Phillips and Joyce Williams were having breakfast at Kitchen’s after having been on KMOO. Williams and Phillips said they had saved that parking place for Jones. They said they didn’t hear the crash from inside the restaurant.

But Nita Rushing was in the back of her husband Jimmy’s barber shop and said she heard one of the most awful sounding noises she had ever heard. She and Jimmy said when they went outside and saw the crash two doors down, the truck was smoking. The driver had been headed to get a haircut at the barber shop.

Jason Ray, who offices at this Edward Jones location at 115 East Broad Street, said everyone in his office was in the back part. He did not have a customer in the building, but had an appointment with one in 15 minutes. He said when he heard the noise he thought there had been a wreck out front. And then he saw around the corner all of the glass. “So once I saw the floor, I knew something bad had happened.” The building is owned by Jim Nicholson. Ray’s business has reopened at its Broad Street location.


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