Sales tax rebates rise in 3 Wood County cities


Three Wood County cities sales tax rebates for the month of September increased this month while three cities were down, according to a report on the Texas Comptroller’s website.

The rebates are the cities’ portions of sales taxes collected in their jurisdictions for prior months’ sales.

Mineola, Alba and Winnsboro saw increased rebates this month.

Mineola’s rebate was up almost one percent at $154,168 compared to $152,771 during September last year. Alba’s rebate was up 5.46 percent with a check of $13,348. Winnsboro’s increase was 1.13 percent with a check of $84,691 this month.

The rebates to Quitman, Hawkins and Yantis went down this month. Quitman’s rebate was 2.48 less than the same month last year. The rebate was $51,882, compared to $53,203 last year. Hawkins’ rebate decreased by 27 percent with a check of $21,266. And Yantis’ rebate also went down 6.89 percent with a check of $5,542.

For the year-to-date, the state comptroller reports that Mineola’s rebates are up 7.02 percent. The city of Quitman’s rebates are up .18 percent.

Mineola City Administrator Mercy Rushing said the rebates were for the month of July. The increase wasn’t as much as was expected, but, she said July is “usually not a big month” for the city.

“Still we’ve been seeing some good numbers.” She said the comptroller’s numbers for the year-to-date results are a little confusing because the state agency bases the report on the calendar year. The comptroller said the rebates are up 7.02 percent over last year. However, the city budgets the sales taxes on its fiscal year.

“I’m still very happy we’re up over seven percent. I’m not complaining,” she said.

Quitman Mayor David Dobbs was undaunted by his city’s small decrease as he looks at the big picture.

“We are very pleased we are trending beyond the prior year,” he said. “We are excited about the potential for continued growth in our downtown district. I am looking forward to a bright future in the city of Quitman.”


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