Quitman council postpones QDC budget


It’s going to take a little longer to approve a budget for the Quitman Development Corporation and to vote on four board members.

The Quitman City Council voted to not approve the QDC budget last Thursday night. 

Alderman J.R. Evans made a motion to turn down the proposed QDC budget. “I make a motion to disapprove it. Based on their actions for the current year I do not see in the proposed budget that they fully addressed the overruns they have. They have significant overruns in this current year’s budget,” Evans said. “I hate to give them a bigger budget approval without sitting down with them. You’re talking in excess of $50,000 they are over this year. We need to ask questions on some of the line items. Just to give them another blank check, well, the first check they overrode. Just because there are checks in the books don’t mean there is money in the bank.”

Evan’s motion was seconded by Jack Robinson and the vote was 5-0 to not approve the budget, but to discuss them in a workshop. 

Other matters concerning the QDC were tabled and are scheduled to be discussed at the workshop Tuesday, Oct. 1, at 5:30 p.m. in council chambers. 

The other matters tabled were the reappointment of Martha Scroggins, Randy Dunn, Glenn Hanner and Kevan Burroughs to the QDC board and QDC operating policies.

The QDC held a meeting Monday.