Party primary runoff early voting extended


An extra week of early voting has been added for the rescheduled spring party primary runoffs.

The runoff, which had been scheduled May 26, was postponed until July 14 by Gov. Greg Abbott in response to the measures taken to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Early voting was set July 6-10, and last week Abbott added another week. So early voting will commence on Monday, June 29 and last until July 10.

Last day to register to participate in the runoff is Monday, June 15.

Attempts to have COVID-19 added as a universal reason for requesting a mail-in ballot have been tied up in court appeals.

Two Wood County races will be included in the runoff, both in the Republican primary.

Sheriff Tom Castloo faces Kelly Cole, and Commissioner Virgil Holland faces Keith Gilbreath.

Any registered voter may participate in the runoff. Those who did not take part in the primary can vote in either party’s runoff. Those who voted in the primary must vote in the same party’s runoff.

The runoff for Democrats has no local races but does feature the runoff for United States Senate.

The May city council and school board elections were delayed until the general election Nov. 3.