Mineola stadium to feature new grilling station


A group of donors gathered last Monday at the concession stand at Meredith Memorial Stadium in Mineola to donate checks for the construction of a grilling station.

The athletic and band booster clubs donated money for the concrete, which has already been poured, but all of the other materials will be donated or purchased with donations. The actual labor will be performed at no cost by Wood County Probation Department probationers.

The donors, many of whom who had played baseball for Bobby Dan Speights, who contributed $100 or more got together for a picture with their former coach who facilitated the project.

Mineola School Superintendent Kim Tunnell smiled as she noted, “This is just another great example of the partnerships with the community, the local businesses and community members who support Mineola ISD. We’re very blessed.”

David Margos is the director of the Wood County Adult Probation Department who will be providing the labor for the project. “We’re going to build a grilling station for the school and do it with community service workers. Anytime we can save any of the community money and benefit the community, it’s a win-win for everybody.”

He said he has probationers who are court-ordered to give back with their community service hours. He noted that Mineola’s grilling station will be much like Winnsboro’s, but with a metal roof. The purpose is to keep the grills, and cooks, out of the weather.


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