Mineola School District bond fails again


The Mineola School District $38.5 million bond election has failed.

With the Holly Lake Ranch box being the last to come in, the votes totaled 791 against to bond and 598 for.

Elections Administrator Laura Wise said that the only thing that hadn't been counted was provisional votes, if there are any.

The preliminary election count shows 43% in favor and 57% against. Mineola ISD was one of 53 school districts in the state seeking approval for construction of new and renovated facilities.

“While this is not the message we had hoped for, the community has spoken and Mineola ISD will continue to provide a high quality education for our students. Our facility challenges will not disappear, and the board of trustees and I will reconvene and evaluate our options to address these issues. For those who voted, thank you for participating in this important process and the board and I hope you will remain engaged with Mineola ISD as we plan for the future our students,” said Kim Tunnell, superintendent.


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