Mineola Police Report


Mineola police reports for the past two weeks included:

Nov. 30 – Police arrested Michael Devonte Smith, 37, Mineola on a narcotics warrant on Chaparral Street around 4:45 a.m. Smith was charged with possession of marijuana over four ounces, under five pounds in a drug free zone, a third degree felony. Police noted Smith lives just behind the McFarland Center, which is considered a youth center with playground equipment. His residence is also within the 1,000 feet range of St. Paul Baptist Church playground.

Nov. 29 – Aaron’s reported a theft because a customer did not pay for rental property and didn’t return it.

A man reported that a woman took his ring while having him try on other rings. This is under investigation.

A woman reported her debit card information was stolen.

A reckless driver was reported on South Pacific Street at 7:04 p.m. An officer stopped the vehicle and issued a warning to the driver.

Nov. 28 – An officer was dispatched to the middle school on an unruly juvenile who was later released to his mother.

A Freeman Street resident reported someone cut his fence.

Police arrested Larry Lance Thorn, 36, Lindale, on an Upshur County traffic warrant.

At 11:05 pm. a disturbance was reported on Giles Street when two women were fighting in a yard. They were separated and no one wanted to file charges.

Nov. 27 – Police arrested Dustin Wade Corley, 31, Alba, in Walmart on a Wood County warrant for failure to identify.

A disturbance was reported when an elderly man hit his wife and locked her out of the house but it was learned he suffers from dementia and he was taken to a hospital.

Nov. 26 – Police arrested James Edward Miller, 28, Weatherford, on a probation violation out of Hopkins County. He was stopped at 12:09 a.m. on a traffic violation on North Pacific at Broad Street.

Nov. 25 – Debits cards were found at two different times in the ATM at BTH on the same day and turned in to police and returned to the owners.

Nov. 24 – A West Blair Street man reported jewelry stolen from him. The matter is under investigation.

Officers responded to an inquest on Meadowbrook Street at 6:21 p.m.

Nov. 23 – Police arrested Roger Allen Potter, 41, Quitman, for possession of a controlled substance. A passenger, Delani Nissen, 41, Mineola, was arrested for two counts of possession of a controlled substance and tampering with evidence. An officer stopped Potter at 12:28 a.m. on North Johnson Street for speeding and disregarding a traffic light on Broad Street.

An officer was called to the Shell Station on North Pacific Street at 3:07 a.m. by someone who reported he had a gun. The man had a BB gun in his truck.

A resident on Walnut Street reported hearing gunshots in the area at 5:14 p.m. It was found the sound was coming from outside the city limits.

Nov. 22 – Personnel at Cade’s reported someone had spray painted their building and sign.

Nov. 21 – At 8:41 p.m. a disturbance was reported on Kevin Street but it turned out to be a civil matter.

At 9:08 p.m. emergency medical responders, fire department responders and police assisted with a young child choking on a penny on Wren Street. The little girl turned out to be okay, it was later learned.

Nov. 20 – Damage was noted to the Christmas lights at the depot when a train came through with a tree limb on top, ripping the lights down.

The welfare of a man for whom a friend was concerned was checked on North Johnson Street at 10:49 a.m. and EMS was contacted and he was taken to the hospital.

Nov. 18 – Personnel at Dollar General Store reported the theft of six propane tanks from the locked container in front of the store at 7:15 a.m. This is under investigation and there are suspects. The tanks have been recovered and returned to the store.

A woman on Sycamore Street reported that her dog bit a man who was running by the house. The man was treated at a hospital and the dog was taken for quarantine.

A Good Samaritan turned in a wallet that was found in the Walmart parking lot. The owner was contacted and the wallet returned.

Police arrested Cierra Daishon Bigham, 26, Mineola, for possession of marijuana under two ounces. Bigham was stopped by an officer at 10:42 p.m. for a defective tail light on Goodson Street and police report that marijuana was located in her car.

Nov. 17 – A wallet was found in the road at Commerce and South Pacific Streets and returned to the owner.

Police arrested Kenneth Dwayne Browning, 55, Spring, for possession of a controlled substance. The arrest occurred after an officer stopped on the loop to assist Browning with a wheel problem. The officer became suspicious that he had narcotics on him and reported finding drugs after receiving a consent to search.

Nov. 16 – Police arrested Robert Dwight Hilton, 38, Emory, on a Grayson County parole violation warrant. He was stopped at 1:20 a.m. on West Broad Street for speeding.

Officers were called to West Kilpatrick Street on a disturbance that turned out to be a civil issue referred to the justice of the peace.

Police arrested Naomi Applegate Hennessey, 33, Mineola, on a felony warrant for theft with previous convictions.

A person found a baggy of methamphetamine in a ditch on West Broad Street and turned it in to police.

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