Letter to the Editor


I hope you go out of business. Your reporting is absolutely the worst I have ever seen. You sure do know a lot about what was said and by who during a meeting that was closed door. This local paper has turned into something that spins a bunch of incorrect information taken out of context of the entire situation to try and create division and mistrust among the community. I saw this in an article back in the spring and questioned you on it then in regard to why the MISD board didn’t renew the superintendent contract then – you tried to say that the article then didn’t imply things that were certainly implied and interpreted the way you intended to get people spun up. You are a disgrace to this community in your reporting. I don’t believe you even attend some of the meetings that you make reports to and you certainly aren’t present during parts of them to report the things you report and write. I plan to start reaching out to businesses that advertise with you in hopes that they will quit supporting your efforts and stop running advertising through your paper. This is not the reputation that the local paper use to have in Mineola and it is sad to see the direction you are going.

Kelli Elmore