Letter to the Editor


Dear editor:

As a senior in Mineola High School, I am very hurt and concerned by the recent change within our school board. There may be things that I don’t understand, but I would like to reiterate how much this affects me and the community.

Dr. Tunnell has been here for my class since the beginning of our high school career. She was the first superintendent to make an impact on us in a long time. She is the superintendent that we saw at every single sport event, induction ceremony, band competition, and any other thing that involved the students on a Mineola campus.

Many of us can attest to this. For instance, every band competition leading up to the state win, she was there on the field cheering us on. She was astounded with joy whenever we won state. Think back to the football playoffs and championship. Dr. Tunnell was there, and there are even pictures captured displaying her pride in our school. What more could we ask of a superintendent who is already giving 100%? Some of us have been inducted into many clubs and organizations, and Dr. Tunnell was there taking pictures and congratulating us all. You never saw our previous superintendents at every single event no matter the weather. You never saw them standing out in the rain greeting students at the door. You never saw them interacting with students as much as Dr. Tunnell has over the course of her time with us.

Dr. Tunnell has built several other districts from the ground up, and those districts are still successful to this day.

Mineola has gotten so much better under the direction of Dr. Tunnell. If truth be told, Dr. Tunnell’s transformation of our school district is a tremendous part of my enjoyment of school.

Dr. Tunnell has been the asset to the Mineola community that we have needed. She invested as much of her time that she could into the students, staff and community. I can not speak for everyone, but I am truly hurt by this change. Dr. Tunnell is the one who started my high school career with me, and I believe she should be the one to end it with me.


Lovely Wright

Senior 2020