Lake Fork Weekly Fishing Report (May 8-14)


It was a windy week here at beautiful Lake Fork. The water temperatures are still in the mid 70s and the water clarity is stained in the creeks and starting to clear up in the southern end of the lake.

The bass fishing was fair to good most of the week with the Strike King Gizzard Shad 1.5 Square Bill crankbait being the best bait to use the early morning. Once the Square Bill bite slowed down it was time to break out the ole Carolina rig. The Zoom watermelon/red or watermelon seed Baby Brush Hog was the best bait to use on the Carolina rig.

In the late afternoon, the Zoom chartreuse/pumpkin trick worm rigged wacky style worked well around the willow bushes and buck brush. Do not forget to put a nail in the head of the wacky worm. On our equipment list this week, we changed our Fury prop to a Fury 4 four-blade prop. It really helped the hole shot and overall performance of my Ranger 520 C.

The white bass are still in the 24 to 30 foot of water. You can catch them on Joe Spaits chrome with chartreuse strip flutter spoon. Make sure you keep the spoon at the right depth as you retrieve it. If you allow it rise to quickly you will take it out of the white bass strike zone.

The crappie has settled into their summer pattern. Look for them in 18 foot of water over brush piles and stumps. Chartreuse and white Bubba’s Bait Crappie jigs worked the best.

The catfish were still eating well this week. Look for them in 24 to 30 foot of water around baited trees. Punch bait and cut bait worked the best.

Have a safe fishing week and keep a tight line.


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