It’s happening


I firmly believe if we can’t laugh at ourselves we are missing lots of opportunities for merriment. Besides, it’s much nicer to laugh at one’s self than at others. Though I have to say, there’s a lot of material out there for that, too.

The most recent thing that comes to mind, and I’m sorry, this may only be funny to us newspaper folks, is someone calling our office on July 5 wanting to know if it’s too late to get something in the paper this week – the July 5 edition. I know it’s an interior thing that probably only publication people understand, but if you only knew how much goes in to putting out each week’s edition, you’d understand why I see the humor in this.

But I’m roaring in to the age where, just by virtue of still being alive, things start happening that make me stop and scratch my head and ask, “What the heck?” One can make excuses, like having spent two hours out in the sun shooting pictures of an air show, or what not. But I know that’s really not it.

After returning home that afternoon from the airport to the very welcome air conditioning I decided to go get a Chapstick from the bathroom to put in my purse. And, you know us ladies have to switch things from one bag to another from time to time. In my case, it’s often my camera bag. Ah, while headed that way I may as well carry the ponytail holder stashed in my camera bag back to the bathroom and put it back in the drawer where they reside.

I’m quite proud of myself for this efficiency of effort, which I like to think of as my energy-saving mode.

In the few short steps from the kitchen to the bathroom, though, something happens. My husband says something to me. I respond as I continue walking. Arriving in the bathroom, though, I find myself standing there with an object in my hand and I know I’m there to put it up. But, what was that other thing – the first thing I went there for anyway? What? Had I actually forgotten why I went there in the first place? It had left my mind.

At about the same time as I’m realizing this, I glance up and see this woman in the mirror with a puzzled look on her face. That expression struck me as funny, and she spontaneously erupted into laughter, which I also witnessed in the mirror. It was all quite entertaining, and it caused me to be thankful I’m one of those lucky souls who can laugh at one’s self.

It also made me wonder - is it happening?

I’ve heard many folks talk about walking into a room and once they’re there, forgetting why. It probably wasn’t the first time it had happened to me. This time was just different because I got a good look at that forgetful person in the mirror. May as well laugh because, as my favorite poet is credited with saying, “If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.”


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