Inside and Outside the Picket Fence

Quitman Arboretum and Botanical Gardens


Welcome to December. I am sure your gardens are confused by the cool nights and warm days. The few remaining plants in the Arboretum Gardens continue to send out new growth, and a few blooms appear here and there. Some seeds from existing plants have already sprouted. These treasures are to be potted and protected until spring temperatures arrive once again.

Nighttime visitors (hungry feral hogs) continue to roam the premises and create havoc. I tend to anthropomorphize plants and animals. This when our brain assigns human feelings and emotions to, say, a rose bush or a squirrel. All those years serving as a children’s librarian have obviously warped my brain, and it is for this reason I can imagine our remaining plants shuddering and recoiling as they hear those hogs approach them in the dark. Will this be the last day they are to share their beauty and bloom, or will nature protect them from the beasts for just one more night?

Many thanks to those have contacted me with offers of hog fence materials. We will be erecting this boundary on Saturday, Dec. 16. If you can assist in any fashion, either materials or labor, your help would be greatly appreciated. You can contact me at 972-978-9054 for more information.

Please stop by and see the historic Stinson House all gussied up for the holidays. The annual Open House will occur on Tuesday at 5p.m. We would be happy to offer you a cup of cheer, a few snacks, and a tour of the house at that time. Until then, please remember we volunteer on Wednesdays.

Come on out and join us. The coffee is on.


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