Inside and Outside the Picket Fence

Quitman Arboretum and Botanical Gardens


Just in case you were wondering, the decorating has begun at the historic Stinson House located at the back of Hogg Park in Quitman. The boxes and tubs that are filled with decorations of every color are being dusted off, sorted through, and our stalwart volunteers are ready to compromise everything their grandmothers taught them. They ARE decorating before the Thanksgiving turkey has been roasted.

Those of us who work in the gardens are getting ready for Feral Hogg Prevention – Stage One. We are preparing to install a permanent hog fence to see if we can discourage these wee beasties and turn them and their family members to another dining venue.

I do not believe I have ever made a request of my readers. This is that time. If you have any of the following materials you would like to donate to this worthy cause, here is my shopping list: three 100-foot rolls of welded wire mesh, one 50-foot roll of welded wire mesh, 46 6-foot T posts, three 80 lb. bags of concrete (Gate Posts), 200-count tie-wires and gate hardware.

To be honest with you, I would not recognize welded wire mesh from chicken wire. However, you might have just one or two six-foot T posts, gathering dust out in the barn or garage, that you would be willing to donate to this worthy cause. If so, please contact me at 972-978-9054. We will keep you posted on Facebook as to the actual installation date. I will not be on the installation team, but I will make sure the coffee is on.


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