Four chase MISD trustee terms


There are four candidates seeking two positions on the Mineola School Board this year.
Board President Regan Brandon and Member Jill Quiambao are being challenged by Jay McGough and Daniel Louderman. All are Mineola High School graduates .
We asked each candidate a single question and here are their answers as presented to us.
What makes you the best candidate for the position which you are seeking?

As a proud alumni of Mineola High School, I have a passion for the education of the students of our district. It is my desire that all of the students enrolled in MISD are provided with the BEST educational experience possible. This includes my son who is a current student of Mineola Primary School and my daughter who will be starting school soon. MISD’s goal should be to strive for excellence inside and outside the classroom and include all areas of study.
The administration needs to complement our teachers and staff by providing all resources as well as support needed to educate our students. In my opinion, for education to be most effective, the School Board and administration should do all they can to make the educational process more “teacher friendly.” The outcome of this will result in accountability of the employees to ensure MISD rises to the level of excellence in every aspect.
My occupation for the last 12 years as operations manager in the oil and gas industry has given me the opportunity to manage budgets, personnel, and technical sales. Also, as a small business co-owner my partners and I were able to turn a bankrupt business into a profitable operation. These lifetime experiences will serve me well in being an effective school board member.
One of my strengths is being a good listener who will consider the needs and concerns of the Mineola School District. I will not hesitate to ask relevant questions on matters presented for discussion and take a strong stand for what I believe to be the best solution.

My name is Jill Melvin Quiambao. I am a 1992 MISD graduate and running for RE-ELECTION to the Mineola ISD School Board. I am the best candidate for the position of school board trustee because I have served you faithfully, mindfully and diligently for the last 6 years. I originally ran for the school board a year before my oldest child started school. I am an “ALL IN” mom. I help with T-ball coaching, dance mom responsibilities, soccer coaching, cheer mom, etc. I knew I would be the lunch packing, drop off /pick up coordinating, field trip attending, party planning kind of mom when they started school. I wanted to know how public schools worked and who would have my most precious possessions for 8 hours a day 5 days a week. I ran for school board trustee having my children’s best interests at the forefront, nothing more. No hidden agendas, no point to prove, no negative intentions to harbor - just all in for my children and yours.
At the time there were no women on the board either. I think it is important to have a female perspective represented. That is still the case. I have been blessed to serve you all for 6 years and can say we have had many awesome triumphs and accomplishments. With any position, relationship or job there will also always be some losses, failures and disappointments. I feel it is how we use those times to learn and grow into the person, board, relationship we want to be/have.
I was raised to be honest, hard working, dedicated and sincere. My dad, George Melvin, would tell me all we really have in life is our name and to always be respectful, straightforward, and honest. I feel I am doing as he raised me. I want to make my parents and my children proud of all my hard work and selfless hours of dedication I give for this district. I often say I bleed orange.
My husband, Ricky Quiambao deserves a lot of credit for my successes. He is extremely understanding and supportive especially related to all the time it takes in meetings, at events, at award ceremonies, planning meetings, graduations, etc. He knows that we are helping to make a better community and school environment for our children and yours.
We are a bonded-debt free district for over 15 years, this speaks to the careful consideration of our budget planning as a board, special thanks to our Assistant Superintendent of Business William Bjork. We are blessed as well to have the Meredith Foundation working with our school district. They are amazing supporters of our school and make decisions easier for our board to deliver a quality education to our children. The Mineola Foundation has been instrumental in aiding us as a district in providing more CTE avenues for our students to allow for alternate career paths.
So, with your continued support and votes I will continue to work hard, be transparent, and diligent in decisions made on the school’s behalf. I am a product of this town and school and am honored and blessed to represent you on the school board. Fantastic things are happening here and I am proud to be a part of our school board.

The success of our school district is very important to me. I grew up in Mineola and graduated from MISD. I have served on the board for 15 years and have served as president for the last six years. I ran for school board in 2003 because I wanted to give back and I wanted Mineola to be the best it could be. Over the years there have been some setbacks, and some victories. Two qualities that go a long way when trying to solve complex issues are experience and temperament. I have both. I have a good understanding of the public school system and the challenges ahead for MISD. Over the years I have built relationships on the board and in the community that have worked to help the district and the students. Another important skill in serving and leading a board is temperament. You have to work well with others to get things done. A dysfunctional board is never good if you want to attract and retain quality educators. Even if your opinion is different than others, you have to work together. You won’t always agree but you still have to come together as a unit. There are many challenges ahead for the district. I am ready and prepared to meet those challenges.

I believe I would be the best candidate for MISD school board for many reasons. I have lived in Mineola for 26 years and my wife Shelly Mewborn Louderman has been here her whole life. We chose to open a business and raise our children here because it is a family-like community. We are currently members at First Baptist Church of Mineola. Next to our children knowing God we believe our children’s education is the most important thing. We have spent many a late night explaining and doing homework. You carry your education with you all your life.
Lately I have noticed a big push for all children to go to college when they finish high school. Personally I loved college and Shelly is a graduate of LeTourneau University. I myself never received my bachelor’s degree but instead I chose to go into a vocational field as a jeweler. I think that there are many great job opportunities such as electricians, plumbers, mechanics, welders and many other skilled labor jobs. I believe it is our responsibility to show kids today that there are other paths if these are areas that they would excel at. I also own Mineola Jewelers and have 18 years of business experience in our community. I understand what makes sense to many in our community and how to bridge gaps when others do not understand a project. I graduated from Mineola in 1993, Shelly graduated in 1998 and we have three children. Hanna, Brooke and Chloe Louderman of which two are currently enrolled in Mineola and one, Hanna graduated from Mineola. My mom is also a graduate of Mineola, Nadra Bodiford Louderman and so did many of my family members.
I am aware of the challenges our children currently face every day at Mineola and the challenges they will face after they graduate if they are not properly equipped. I would like to ensure everyones children are ready for whatever comes next when they leave Mineola School no matter what path they choose to follow. We love this town and the members of the community.


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