Crime scene, gun evidence introduced at Walters trial


In day three of testimony in the Jason Walters murder trial Thursday, the state and defense addressed shooting victim Christopher Griffin’s cause of death and evidence collected at the scene.

Howard Austin, an eye witness, testified to seeing “no aggressive moves made by anyone” during the incident behind E-Z Mart. He recalled in his testimony that Griffin was about nine or 10 feet behind Walters. He stated that Walters quickly turned around and shot Griffin in the neck.

Dr. Elizabeth Ventura, who performed the autopsy, testified the firearm residue on the body indicated the barrel of the gun was in contact with skin when discharged. Griffin likely lived for one to two minutes after being shot, she said.

Mineola Police Capt. Dusty Cook, who was the lead investigator at the time, showed the gun used in the shooting to the jury and stated it appeared to be functioning. He testified he found a used bullet casing, magazine and unused rounds at the scene.

Jurors also saw video from inside and outside the store as events unfolded.

Heather Francis, a firearms examiner for the Dallas County Crime Lab, testified that Walters’ gun, a .40 caliber Smith & Wesson, appeared to be in good working order. There was no indication that it would have fired without the trigger being pulled.

Dac Shaw, who pulled up to the E-Z Mart just after the shooting, testified that Chris Griffin was like a brother to him. Shaw would be the one to deliver the tragic news to Griffin’s parents, he testified. Shaw testified that Dietrich Flournoy asked him to remove something from his pocket as he stood in handcuffs outside the EZ-Mart. Shaw, however, was focused on Chris Griffin and asked his girlfriend at the time, Courtney Warren, to do it instead. She would give the contents of Flournoy’s pockets to Janie Adams, Shaw testified.

Under questioning by attorney Brett Harrison, Shaw said he was never contacted by anyone in law enforcement in regard to the shooting until just last week.

Testimony resumes at 9 a.m. tomorrow.