Mineola Elementary gets fresh face


After serving as principal in Wills Point for eight years Stacy Morris has taken the job as principal at Mineola Elementary School.

“I have always been around the Northeast Texas area,” said Morris. “But, this is kind of home being out here in East Texas. It’s a little slower pace, that’s why we moved out of the metroplex area. This is the environment that we want our kids raised.”

Morris who is a Tarleton and Texas A&M Commerce graduate has been in education for 24 years, those being spent at both the elementary and high school level.

Morris and her husband Anthony reside in Edgewood and have two sons. The oldest son, Logan, is a freshman in college at Tarleton State University and her youngest is Kaden who will be a freshman in high school this year.

Morris says that it’s the heart of younger children that attracts her to elementary education.

“That is where my heart lies,” said Morris. “They are just so genuine, they are excited about everything. There is an element of hope there. They are curious, inquisitive; they are really excited about learning. They are not turned off to the idea of learning and exploring and as kids get older it gets harder to keep them engaged in all facets of learning.”

As the new principal Morris plans to build on the legacy of Mineola schools.

“Mineola has already built a foundation; Mineola around the county has such a strong reputation,” said Morris. “I just want to build off of that. It sounds like a cheesy tagline but we are going to be the premiere district of East Texas, we are going to be that district that people are moving here to get their kids into the district. It’s a part of the direction we are headed. Some schools get focused on one thing or another. They can be really well-known for athletics, really well-known for fine arts. Mineola is the whole package. We set out to be really well-known for the whole child and the experience we bring to the whole child.”

Morris looks forward to connecting with the community.

“I want to continue on that legacy that has already been started and connect with this community,” said Morris. “For a small town we have some amazing opportunities. We have some amazingly talented people residing within our community and get our kids connected to that and what it means to be a lifelong learner. There are some prime examples right here in Mineola, Texas. There is no doubt in my mind we have some of the best teachers in the state. In the small snippet of time I have been here I have seen the creativity and passion that they bring into the classroom.”


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